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Newsletter: Volume 27 April 2009

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WAC Party At The SAA

At the recent SAA conference in Austin, Texas, a WAC party was hosted by Springer, celebrating the launch of WAC's journal, Archaeologies, with Springer. As you can see from the photos, a good time was had by all. We would like to take this opportunity to take Springer for their support, not only in terms of the party, and the journal, but also through the book series we have with them, and more generally, as well.

In addition, WAC had a booth at the SAA, and on Friday, 27th April, we held a meeting of the Executive members who were attending the SAA conference. We thank the SAA for providing this venue. The next meeting of the WAC Executive will be held at the WAC Inter-Congress, in Catamarca, Argentina, 3rd to 7th July, 2007.

Aubrey Cannon, McMaster University; and Paula Lazarus, American University

Pat Rubertone, Brown, University; Dorothy Lippert, Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History; Claire Smith, Flinders University; and Karlene Leeper, US Air Force-Remote Alaska

Peter Veth, Australian National University, and Richard Gould, Brown University

Sean Taylor, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Chris Judge, University of South Carolina, Lancaster.

Christopher Knusel, University of Bradford, UK and Marshall Becker, University of Pennsylvania

Destiny Lynn Crider, Arizona State University, and John Staller, Field Museum of Natural History

James Flexner; Claire Smith, Flinders University; and Jon Daehnke, University of California-Berkeley

Virgil Noble, National Park Service; Pat Rubertone, Brown, University; Dorothy Lippert, Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.