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WAC at the 15th UISPP Congress, Lisboa, Portugal

WAC had a significant presence at the Fifteenth Congress of International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences Congress, held in Lisboa, Portugal, 4th September, 2006. In her capacity of President of WAC, Claire Smith addressed the opening ceremony of the Congress, which was Chaired by the former President of the UISPP, Vitor Oliveira Jorge. Claire also presented a paper on the history of WAC in the session "Archeologues sans frontiers" session, organised by Mircea Babes of Romania and Marc-Antoine Kaeser of Switzerland. This will be published in the proceedings of the Congress. Claire also interviewed Jean Bourgeois, the outgoing Secretary-General of the IUPPS, and this will be published in the Forum section of Archaeologies. The Journal of the World Archaeological Congress.

WAC also had a promotional table at this conference, staffed by Claire Smith, Maia Langley, Pierre Desrosiers and Donna Gillette. WAC members had many roles in this IUPPS Congress, including Council member Manoj Kumar Singh, who was on the registration table, and former Council member, Fedro Paulo Funari, who was appointed to the IUPPS Permanent Council at this meeting. WAC's presence at the IUPPS Congress is a small but important step in rapproachment between the two organizations.

WAC would like to congratulate Luiz Oosterbeek for his efficiency in organising the Fifteenth Congress of International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences Congress. During the Congress he accepted the role of Secretary-General of the IUPPS. The next the IUPPS Congress will be held in Brazil, in 2011.

Volunteers registering for the conference

WAC Council member Manoj Kumar Singh, at registration desk

Claire Smith interviewing Jean Bourgeois, the out-going Secretary-General of the UISPP

Conference participants, George and friend

Congress Opening

George, George and Danielle, volunteers taking a break

Claire Smith speaking at Congress opening

Secretary-General of the Congress, Luiz Oosterbeek

Henri de Lumley, Claire Smith and Marie Antionette de Lumley

Nadia and Joćo

Former President of the UISPP,
Vitor Oliveira Jorge

Pedro Funari, ex Council member of WAC, and new member of the Permanent Council of the UISPP

Secretary-General for the Congress, Luiz Oosterbeek with Claire Smith, at the WAC table

Volunteer Djidere Balde, from Senegal, registration desk

Volunteers prepare for the Congress!

UISPP banner, Lisboa Opening

The majority of the photos above were taken by Hugo Machado.