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Wednesday, 27 May 2009 00:00

WAC's flagship journal is Archaeologies, published by Springer. For more information, visit the Archaeologies website.

WAC also supports the publication of:

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Thursday, 15 May 2008 00:00

South America is an active region in the production of archaeological knowledge and in the formulation of alternative approaches to the past, both from a disciplinary and a contextual point of view. Yet, there was no written medium to disseminate the cultural production of the sub-continent related to the discourses on the past based on objects. That is the reason behind the collective work of South American archaeologists for the creation of a new journal, Arqueología Suramericana/Arqueologia Sul-Americana, published by the Department of Anthropology, Universidad del Cauca (Colombia) and the Ph.D. Program on Social Sciences of the School of Humanities of the Universidad Nacional de Catamarca (Argentina), with the support of the World Archaeological Congress. According to WAC purposes, the journal aims to promote and spread the production of archaeology and related disciplines in South America, emphasizing a critical perspective that allows a dialogue with representations about the past that have been traditionally marginalized from academic spaces. The journal hopes to create bridges of understanding, communication, and discussion between the two large South American worlds, Brazil and the Spanish-speaking countries, which have consistently ignored each other for so long. It is sad that the barrier of two similar languages have split the sub-continent in such a way, especially because South American countries share similar problems and possibilities that can be tackled with collective enterprises, such as this one, that strive go beyond the borders erected by the deliberate ignorance of the others.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2007 00:00

Journal of Environment and Culture is being promoted as the leading voice on environmental issues in Africa, as the foremost forum of intense, engaging, and challenging debates on how culture and environment can be mutually complementary, and as such the acclaimed site of critical intervention on practices of, and discourses on, global cultural processes. The primary function of the journal is therefore to open a channel for debate on the interactive nature of culture and environment and how humanity fair within the dynamics of the intellectual, economic and political exchange in which such interaction are framed locally and globally.

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