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Your credit card payment is SECURE on this website using PayPal's SSL. All prices are in United States dollars.

Choose your type of membership from the table below. Please look through the list carefully to choose the appropriate membership category, then click on the appropriate button containing the price in the neighbouring column. You may also choose between one year memberships, four year memberships, or life memberships. Within each of these are options regarding how you wish to receive WAC's journal Archaeologies.

If you select the "paper and electronic journal" option, you will be sent copies of Archaeologies three times a year by post (in addition you will be given online access to the journal). Please note that the postal address you enter when making payment by PayPal will be used as your mailing address by default setting. If you wish to receive copies of the journal at an address different from the one registered for your PayPal payments, please notify the WAC Membership Secretary (contact details shown below).

We also invite individuals and organisations to sponsor the membership of people or institutions from economically disadvantaged countries. Please contact the Membership Secretary for further information.

Duration of membership

When joining WAC, you can choose between 1-year and 4-year membership. Please note that WAC membership is based on the calender year - for example, whether you join WAC in January, May or November, your membership of the year concerned will expire in December. However, regardless of the month in which you joined WAC, you will be given paper/electronic access to all the issues of the WAC journal Archaeologies for the year concerned.

You can also choose to pay in advance for the membership for the coming year(s). For example, you can pay in November for the membership starting in January of the following year. To do this, complete the normal membership payment and then send an email to the Membership Secretary ( stating your intention.

What if I do not have my own credit card?

You can ask someone else who has a credit card to pay for your membership fee. If you opt for this solution, please notify the Membership Secretary by email, as soon as the payment is done, of the following information: 1) the name of the person who paid for your membership fee, 2) the date on which the payment was made, 3) the amount paid, 4) your selected membership category (1-year or 4-year; Rate A or B; electronic access to the journal only or both paper and electronic access to the journal), and 5) the postal address at which you would like to receive paper copies of the journal (only if you selected the membership category "both paper and electronic access to the journal).

Rate A: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, USA and Western Europe.

Rate B: All countries not listed in Rate A.


Rate A Rate B
Category 1 Year 4 Years Lifetime 1 Year 4 Years Lifetime
Individual Membership, paper & electronic journal
Individual Membership, electronic journal only
Students, paper & electronic journal*
Students, electronic journal only*
Retired, paper & electronic journal
Retired, electronic journal only

Please note that it usually takes a week or two for your membership to be processed after the successful payment of your membership fee. You will receive an email confirming your payment from PayPal (immediately after the payment). You will receive an email confirming the subscription to WAC from WAC Membership Secretary one or two weeks after the successful payment.

*The student member has to send evidence of his/her student status by email to WAC Membership Secretary: this evidence can be a photographed or scanned image of a student card or certificate, or a letter from the Dean or supervisor, etc.

For further information about joining WAC, please contact the WAC Membership Secretary:

Gunes Duru
Istanbul University
Department of Prehistory
Laleli/Istanbul, Turkey


What if I did not receive an paper copy of the journal I was entitled to receive?

Please check your membership to make sure 1) that it is updated, 2) that you have paid access to both paper and electronic journal, 3) and that you have notified WAC of the correct and up-to-date postal address to which you wish to receive the issues of the journal (please remember that it is your responsibility to do this notification). After confirming this, please contact the Membership Secretary to explain the situation.

The Membership Secretary will then verify your record in the WAC membership database and, if your postal address registered in this database proves to be correct and up-to-date, request Springer to send a replacement issue to you. This will be sent to you together with the next issue of the journal.

Please note that WAC will not be able to send you a replacement issue if it turns out that you have not notified WAC of the correct and up-to-date postal address to which you wish to receive the issues of the journal (but you could still purchase the issue from the Springer website). So, remember to inform WAC of any change in your contact details as soon as possible.

Please also note that you can claim for a replacement issue only within a year after the issue concerned was originally out. So, please notify the Membership Secretary as soon as you realise the failure of the delivery of any issue.


Sponsoring Subscriptions & Donations

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